All orders are handmade & can take 2 weeks +
 So worth it, you will feel the artistry!

Look Beautiful, Feel Comfortable. Creative jewelry plated in 18k gold or rhodium with natural stones handmade in Brazil!  A business owned by incredibly cool & creative women with good vibes you can feel in each piece!  They focus on social good and supporting artisans across Brazil.

Look good, feel good & do good!  


All that Black Girl/Queen Magic!  Gorgeous & powerful earring sets.  
We are honored to collaborate with the multi-talented Ife Thomas: 
“HER GLOW is a full-scale beauty and wellness brand for all women focused on developing our inner & outer beauty, by centering self-esteem-based decisions in our daily lives. HER GLOW does more than teach women how to look their best, we teach women how to be their best selves in every area of their lives.”

Handmade in Alaska & the PNW forests.  Inspired by & connected to our Natural Wilderness, using foraged sourced materials. Brett is a badass, she literally goes into the deep forest to forage featured materials and then hand crafts them into subtly powerful jewelry!  For conscious women, to find that piece that helps you feel like the most gorgeous version of yourself. 

Align your beauty with the wilderness! 

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